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MLA for Brandon West
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Lovely singing at Vimy Night.

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Twitter Media

Honoured to be recognized by our friends at the Brandon Islamic Centre with Mayor @RickChrest and Chief Wayne Balcaen @Balcy2. Thank-you to Imam Ilyas Sidyot from Saskatoon.

Twitter Media
Twitter Media

The Logan Boulet Effect continues. Thank-you to all who signupforlife.ca. twitter.com/transplantmb/s…

It is being called the Logan Boulet effect, or the Logan effect, after the 21 year old Humboldt Bronco who signed his donor card and saved six people on the donor list. Logan has been an inspiration across the country. #HumboltdStrong #SticksOutForHumboldt. twitter.com/thebrandonsun/…

Signupforlife.ca and discuss your Organ an Tissue Donation wishes with your loved ones. twitter.com/kevin_engstrom…

Heading in to Winnipeg for the announcement. Signupforlife.ca. twitter.com/transplantmb/s…

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